ONERUN Presents:
100km Virtual Journey

May 19th - June 19th, 2020

The Journey Starts Now...

Although Theresa makes her 100km journey in one day - you will have one month to complete yours! Staring on May 19, 2020, you can walk, run, bike, roller-blade or even skateboard to complete your 100km.

ONERUN 2020 turns 10 this year! Although we had many new and fun surprises planned as part of this monumental and celebratory year, due to COVID-19 we have had to pivot and change how we will deliver our event experience to the community. As a result, we are excited to share with you that ONERUN 2020 IS GOING VIRTUAL! We couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the opportunity for our message of hope and “in this together” attitude to spread further than we could have imagined!

We know that cancer won’t wait for COVID-19 to pass. Those living with cancer are not only doing that but doing it through a global pandemic.  It is vital now more than ever that we support them let them know that despite all of this uncertainty – we have their backs!

The ONERUN Team is inviting the community and beyond to join local hero and cancer survivor, Theresa Carriere on her 100km journey raising awareness and funds for those living with cancer. We want YOU to experience what it feels like to help build strength and resilience within a community of families living with a life altering disease.

Although Theresa makes her 100km journey in one day - you will have one month to complete yours! Starting on May 19, 2020 you can walk, run, bike, roller blade or even skateboard to complete your 100km. Should physical distancing protocols still be in place during this time frame, we ask that you do these activities on your own

The event will culminate on June 19, 2020 with Theresa running 100km – like she always has!  Most certainly, it will feel different for her not having her friends, family and followers supporting her along the route but you can cheer her on from your homes through the ONERUN website.  Watch her run, catch some exclusive videos and interviews, read about local survivors and their stories of courage and much more! 

Funds raised will be directed to cancer support programs offered through Wellspring London & Region and Childcan. Also, when you participate in the ONERUN 100km Virtual Journey you can earn yourself some very cool swag! Get involved in this amazing initiative TODAY! Our friends need us now more than ever before! 

1. Complete Registration

It's quick and easy! Registration is free. Click the link to start your Journey today.

2. Collect Donations

Share your individual fundraiser page with your friends and family on social media to collect more donations in your name. More donations = more prizes for you! 

3. Create Strava Account

Strava is an app that will help you plan your routes and track your kms. Create an account, follow our club and interact with the ONERUN community trying to complete their 100km Journey.

4. Start Your Journey

Start the road to 100km on May 19th, 2020. Remember to share your progress by tagging us, encourage other people to get involved and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

km Badges

Along your 100km Journey be sure to share your progress. Our km badges are brought to you by our sponsors and can be found on our website and social media pages. Every time you reach a milestone, screenshot and share your badge. Don't forget to tag us and challenge your friends along the way!

Download your badges »

Win Prizes Along The Way!

When you fundraise you can earn prizes based on the following dollar amounts:
$25 = t-shirt, $50 = cotton long-sleeved shirt, $100 = dryfit long-sleeved shirt, $200 = hoodie,
$500 = hoodie and buff, $1,000 = hoodie, t-shirt, buff and your name goes in a draw for 2 WestJet tickets.

Tools to Succeed

Download the Strava app on your Apple or Andriod device to help you with planning your routes and keeping track of how many km you have completed. Once you have made an account, simply search for our club 'ONERUN 100km Virtual Journey'.

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