My name is Karlissa Third, I am a grade 12 student at Westminster Secondary School. I’m here to talk about the ONERUN experience we had at our school.

Being a part of ONERUN was amazing. I was a part of the organizing team at school and it was a lot of work to put together, but with the group of students who all helped out, we had a blast!  Raising money for those who have lost, won and are still fighting with cancer meant a lot to us because we all at least knew someone who went through this horrible sickness.

All the students were talking about this event weeks after it happened because it really was an amazing day. We got to play against other groups and be with our friends all day running, walking or even dancing around the track.

“This event had a big impact on our school.”

The new grade nines are even asking all about the ONERUN event that happened and are asking if it will happen again. This event was the highlight of our school year last year and we made memories that we will have for our lifetime.  I can’t wait to be a part of ONERUN again and raise even more money for Wellspring!

Written by: Karlissa Third. Karlissa is a former Westminster Secondary School student and participated in Westminster’s first ever ONERUN event.