About Us

We are an organization that raises money for cancer support. Our goal is to empower thousands of young people, community members and most importantly, those who are fighting cancer.

10+ Years of ONERUN

In 2010, cancer survivor Theresa Carriere started ONERUN as a mission of hope to give back to the community that supported her through her diagnosis. Ten plus years later, and we're still pursuing her mission of hope, love and courage.

ONERUN By The Numbers

ONERUN has helped those affected by cancer through the ongoing commitment of volunteers, sponsors, participants and our generous community.

100,000+ laps

ONERUN participants have run, walked, skipped, hopped, danced or swam (on the odd rainy day) over 100,000 laps since the start of our ONERUN school program in 2011.

10 million+ people

We've reached nearly 10 million people online since 2010 with ONERUN 2019 being our largest reach yet at just under 6.1 million impressions.

$1.6 million+ raised

We've raised over $1.6 million dollars since 2010.

Our Values


Being kind, respectful and genuine is motivation in everything we do. Our goal is to help cancer patients as well as provide the opportunity for others to do the same.


We are extremely grateful to our sponsors, donors, supporters and volunteers. ONERUN is not possible without the care and commitment of the countless people involved.


Ensuring ONERUN's success is a shared passion. We work together creatively, tirelessly and are 100% focused on serving those in our community affected by cancer.


Being transparent is important to the ONERUN team. We hold ourselves to a high standard. We are always happy to share the details of our organization and how your support helps your community.

See our team in action

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