We are the team behind ONERUN, helping to bring the experience of our organization to thousands of students and community members.



Meet Team ONERUN

We're a small, but nimble team working to make a difference in our community. Our organization is made of volunteers who dedicate their time to help ONERUN grow and be the best we can.

  • Senior Team

    Theresa Carriere
    Founder & Executive Director

    Paulette Soscia
    Project Manager - 100KM

    Kayla Sibbald
    Project Manager - Schools

    ONERUN Mailbox
    General Enquiries

    Karen Parr
    Volunteer Coordinator

  • Mar. Comm. Team

    Haly Hawkins
    Lead, Marketing & Donor Experience

    Nicole Carriere
    Public Relations & Media Coordinator

    Sean Cornelius
    Marketing & Donor Experience Manager

    Gillian Hall
    Marketing & Donor Experience Coordinator

    Vanessa Hennessy
    Graphic Designer

  • School Team

    Schools Team Mailbox
    General Enquiries

    Matt Roberts
    Sound & Audio

    Natalie Warren

    School Squad

    Laura Vere
    School Squad

    Anique Daley
    School Squad

    Joey Renaud
    School Squad

    Sarah King
    School Squad

    Katelyn Carriere
    School Squad

    Danielle Carriere
    Merchandise Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Team

    Tobi Lukas
    Sponsorship Liasion

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  • Special Projects Team

    Kathy Pelley
    Financial Controller

    Robert Wood
    Finance Lead

    Sharon Wilson
    Wholesale & Merchandising Coordinator

    Paul Armstrong
    Lead Photographer

See our team in action

Advisory Board - Coming Soon

Our advisory board help guides our organization and provides further levels of transparency to your donations and commitments to ONERUN. They also help us with better understanding the greater community, and where ONERUN can make a larger impact to the patients and families that we help.