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We empower thousands of young people, community members, and change makers to fight cancer.

ONERUN By The Numbers

We've done a lot over the last nine years and are proud of what our ONERUN alumni, Team ONERUN, sponsors, participants and our volunteers have accomplished.


ONERUN Participants have run, walked, skipped, hopped, danced or swam (yes swam) ~80,000 laps since the inception of the ONERUN schools initiative.


ONERUN has reached ~9.5 million people around the world since it's inception in 2010. Last year alone, we reach nearly 2 million people with 1.2 million of them being reached during the two weeks.


We've raised over $1 million over the last nine years and are growing with each new year. We're excited to see what 2019 has in store for ONERUN!

Our mandate is to help cancer fighters.

We give back 100% of all donated dollars to our community partners to help fund cancer programs throughout the communities we serve in. Since 2010, ONERUN has donated over $1,000,000 and reached hundreds of thousands of people, both online and through our fundraisers.

The ONERUN Values

Be Genuine In Everything

Be genuine and transparent in everything that you do in work and life. Holding ourselves to a high standard and continuing to keep the culture and genuine journey of ONERUN.

Be Humble

Be kind, friendly, respectful and humble in everything we do. Our goal is to help cancer patients and empowering others to help their loved ones while sharing their stories in the best way possible.

Bring Energy In Everything We Do

Let loose, enjoy the journey in our goal and bring positive energy to every part of it. ONERUN isn't just a few events, but a year-long commitment to the community we serve in.

Be Thankful, Eh?!

We are extremely thankful for everything that has happened to us, our sponsors, donors, supporters and volunteers. Thank you goes a long way, and we are so thankful for everything.

"Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!"

Our team almost entirely is remote and collaborating with each other is a key part of our organization. Everyone's goal is to help ONERUN be a success and are eager to make it happen. 

Work With Passion

Love the work and the opportunity that ONERUN is. We are extremely passionate about helping cancer patients and survivors and our team are as well.

Have Fun In Everything

We participate in or run dozens of events throughout the year. Fun is in our blood and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Build To Help Others

The journey of ONERUN started to help breast cancer patients, and now we focus on everyone affected by the disease. We will always focus 100% on the patients and community we serve.

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