We donate 100% of our donations to cancer programs.
Sponsors help us do that.

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We're a powerful community.

ONERUN 2018 was our biggest ever, in terms of dollars, schools, and participants. We reached over 2.3 million people worldwide throughout the year, with over 1.45 million people across Canada (1st), the USA (2nd) and then the UK (3rd) during the two weeks.

This year, we're expecting to reach over 6.5 million people during ONERUN 2019!

What's Included?


Logo Displayed on Website


Dedicated Booth Space At ONERUN

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Swag Items Branding

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities


Product Placements
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*Sponsorship opportunities vary depending on the selected "tier" level. We do offer a-la-carte sponsorship opportunities also upon special request.

Interested in sponsoring us?

We're a growing organization with an ambition to help cancer patients receive the resources and support they deserve and require in order to fight and overcome their cancer.

ONERUN was founded with the ambition of change and has blossomed into a movement of thousands to help make a difference. We not only help raise money for the programs we support but we also empowered thousands of young people to become leaders in their community.

Sponsorship is a huge part of us, and we encourage all of our sponsors to join in on the fun at any ONERUN event.

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