I have known Theresa for as long as I can remember. Theresa’s mother and father were the very best of friends of my mother and father since our births. So much so that our families – mine with 5 kids and hers with 13 kids – grew up together and spent the seasons of our lives in each other’s company. Long summer days at the camp and cold winter nights on the Colizza family rink were part of our best days. Not to mention countless sleep overs (how many kids could you fit into a bunk bed?), birthdays, New Year’s Eve parties, wine making, campfires, talent shows, church events, highschool dances, tag football (I couldn’t catch but Theresa sure could), summer days at the beach and the memories stretch on and on.

Our collective bond as “migliori amici” (best friends) continues to hold our families together all these years later.

I am honoured to participate in this year’s ONERUN event. I have always marvelled at and admired Theresa’s commitment and dedication to this extraordinary event. Her passion and drive are a testament to her upbringing and character. She never gives up and always has a smile that lights up a room.

Having lost my mother (Theresa’s comare Rita) to cancer at a very young age, I commit myself to working with the ONERUN team in her memory. So many are affected by cancer without even being diagnosed with cancer. We are all in this together. I am honoured to be a part of this legacy.