My name is Gillian Roberts. I was born in London, but have lived in Prince George BC for almost 6 years now. I have been a runner and a triathlete for most of my life. In early 2018 I had a surgery to remove a non-cancerous tumour from my ovary. In the process I lost my ovary. Then I spent the next 15 months recovering and trying to get back into my life. In May 2019 the nightmare started again when a tumour was discovered on my other ovary. I went into surgery and woke up to discover more organs gone and a cancer diagnosis. I underwent 6 months of chemotherapy. This is not a journey that I would wish upon anyone, however I have learned a lot about myself through this cancer journey. I was asked by my dad to participate in the ONERUN event. I was happy to participate in helping raise money for cancer support groups. It’s important that I turn my cancer experience into something positive, by raising money and awareness.