My name is Marianne Louttit and this is my story of how I became part of ONERUN. Over the years Theresa and I have crossed paths in the circles we kept. Our husbands work for the same company and our daughters played high school basketball together. It was then when Theresa was diagnosed and ONERUN was born. My family and I have proudly participated in some of the ONERUN events over the years, and occasionally Theresa and I have shared a casual run together, which I truly treasure!

Little did I know then, that I too would encounter my own cancer journey 10 years later at the age of 52. I was diagnosed with DCIS breast cancer in March of 2018. I had biopsies done and an MRI, followed by a bilateral mastectomy that May.

It all happened so fast. It seemed like a bad dream. I had no family history of breast cancer and was living a healthy lifestyle. The news was totally unexpected. I was knocked off my feet, but my family and friends were lovingly there to pick me up and support me.

My husband Paul reached out to Theresa’s husband Bill at work, to let him know about my situation, and immediately, Theresa was there for me to lean on and answer all my questions and worries. All of which leads me to say, it’s quite an honour and a privilege for me to be asked to be one of “The Runners of Hope” for the 10th Anniversary of ONERUN.

I have always loved to run and have always loved Theresa Carriere!