January 7th 2021, I got a call that left me speechless, and anyone who knows me, recognizes that I am seldom speechless. After a routine mammogram, it was determined that I very likely had cancer in my left breast. I did not feel this lump and know how very lucky I was to have this discovered early. A biopsy the following week determined that the worst was true.

Follow up appointments with the amazing Dr. Maciver at St. Joe’s detailed a path for treatment. While my cancer was only Stage 2 and caught early, I still required chemo, surgery, radiation, and almost one year of treatment. As upsetting as this was, I did my best to remain positive and thankful for this early detection.

My treatment was completed November 8th, almost 10 months to the day of my diagnosis. All stages of my treatment went fairly smoothly and I am truly thankful for the amazing care that I received throughout this ordeal. This care is not limited to the medical care I received, but the care, kindness and generosity of family and friends – I honestly do not know what I would have done without the amazing people I have in my life! People fed me, drove me, and looked after my work, I am very lucky indeed.

I am a fairly healthy person, I exercise with some regularity and eat mostly well, but I know, that what saved me, was my early detection. As unlucky as it is to get this diagnosis, I know how very lucky I am. This is why I am running in this event – I feel honored to have been asked to participate, my journey was pretty easy compared to many.

Wish me luck – I am NOT a runner!