No one can face cancer alone!  

My name is Melissa Selmes and in 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare terminal form of ovarian cancer called mucinous adenocarcinoma. I was told to get my affairs in order because without any perspective treatment options I was given one year to live. I had a two year old daughter at home and those results were not an option.

I worked closely with my oncologist, a naturopath, a biochemist and I found Wellspring. A treatment plan was developed but it came with a cost of $7,180 every 3 weeks for the next five years of my life. My parents remortgaged their house, my friends withdrew their life savings and London rallied behind me to pay the price tag that had been put on my life. As I began my chemotherapy I could feel my spirit depleting. Physically and emotionally cancer was trying to take away everything.

I began attending Wellspring. I started with support groups and yoga building up to exercise programs, aquafit and art therapy. I was gaining control back over my life. I was becoming stronger than my cancer. Wellspring was providing the tools I needed to heal at no cost to me. For the first time since my diagnosis I could see my future again! I walked my daughter to her first day of junior kindergarten, thanks to Wellspring. I have surpassed my expiration date, thanks to Wellspring. I stand here today, 9 years later, healthier than ever, thanks to Wellspring! My story after cancer… to be continued, thank you Wellspring!